February 21st, 2014

Sheila Heti spoke with The Telegraph about family, clothing, and Chinese classic texts. Also, how cute is her pet rabbit?!

"It took me five or six years to write How Should a Person Be?, and there were many times when I felt discouraged. One of those times my friend Margaux Williamson told me that she had had a dream about my book, and she was going to make a painting. She made two, in the end, and gave them to me [pictured below]. When you are working on a book it is not an object yet, so it was nice to have something that represented it until it was finished. It made it a real thing.”

PHOTO: Angela Lewis

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    How should a person be? Like Sheila Heti holding an unusually large rabbit.
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    The only way Sheila Heti could get any more awesome is if she had two pet rabbits.
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    I like Sheila Heti and I like Sheila Heti’s rabbit.
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